Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey does anyone know what a puppy Mill is? I do. They are animal shelter where they over-breed dogs and cats for profit and don't care two craps about them. They stuff over 5 dogs or cats into one cage just because they don't have enough space. So they euthanize the dogs and cats and then throw them into the garbage cans, literally. It's disgusting. They treat them like little breeding machines. It's like taking 10 to 15 people and stuffing them, naked, into a walk-in closet with one bowl of food and water. The food and water are contaminated with poo and pee so it's unhealthy to eat and drink them and they get diseases from the germs and sometimes they even become blinded from the germs and horrible conditions. Then they live in wire cages so they get infections on their paws and sometimes they even get cuts. Sometimes since the dogs don't know each other they get into fights with each other and since they don't care about the dogs or cats they don't get them veterinarian care so they sometimes even die from the germs, and other causes. Now when you go to get a dog or cat please, please adopt them and DON'T buy them.

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