Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am starting F.O.T.A. it stands for the Freedom of Opressed Toasters in America! If you want to join fill out a form that I am about to make in the near future. I will post it.... LATER, I think, maybe... ok bye.


Is that cranberry juice?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ms. Mariah Carey Falls on stage while in Singapore lol

Listen Mariah Carey was on stage in Singapore and she fell while in her stilettos. She is rumored to be pregnant. When she fell on stage her faithful lackey Sonya come to her resuce and remove her stilettos. It ALMOST looked as though it was planned but it was WAY to sloppy so you could tell. Any way LMDO. That was funny just wanted to tell ya. Peace and deuces!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ice age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs quotes!

Another instalment of my favorite quotes from this movie.

Crash: Dude, you are awesome! You're like the brother I never had.
Eddie: Me too!

Manny: After we rescue Sid, I'm gonna kill him.

Sid: (running from a mush ox he tried to milk) I though you were female!

Buck: (stopping Manny and the herd from moving on) Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Whoa! What, you-you think this is some sort of tropical getaway?You can't protect your mate, mate. What are you gonna do with those-those flimsy tusks of yours when you run into the beast?
Crash:Wait. So there's something bigger than Mommy dinosaur?
Buck: Aye-aye. He gave me this (pointing to his missing eye which is covered by a leaf patch)
Eddie: Woah. He gave you that patch?
Crash: For free? That's so cool!
Eddie: Maybe he'll give one, too!

Crash:Why is it called the "Chasm of Death"?
Buck:Well we tried calling it "Big smelly crack" but that just made everyone giggle.

Sid: (to the baby dinosaur) Come on, spit him out. If you don't spit out little Johhny right now, we're leaving the playground this instant! One... two... don't make me stay three... (the baby dinosaur spits up a bird)
Sid: There you are. The picture of health.
Aardvark Mother: That's not little Johhny!
Sid: Well it's better than nothing!

Sid: We are leaving the playground this instant!

Diego: (to Manny) This is my kind of place!
Buck: (picks up a rock like a phone) Hello? No... No I can't really talk right now... Going to retrieve a dead sloth. No I know. They're following ME! Yeah, and they think I'M crazy! O-Okay... We're going into the chasm of death, I'm going to lose you! Yeah, O-Okay. (quietly)
Buck: you too. Goodbye... Goodbye! (throws the rock aside)
Buck: Let's get a move on shall we?
Manny: (to Diego) That's YOU in three weeks.

Manny: Just WHEN exactly did you use your mind?
Buck: About three months ago. I woke up married to a pineapple. An UGLY pineapple. (sighs lovingly)
Buck: But I loved her...

Crash: Whats that noise?
Buck: It's the wind it's speaking to us.
Eddie: What's it saying?
Buck: I don't know. I don't speak wind.

Buck: The name's buck. Short for Buckminster. Long for Buh.

Buck: It smells like a buzzard's butt fell of and got sprayed by skunks.
Diego: That's sid.

Buck: (after Diego and Manny get trapped in meat-eating plant) It's time to get... Buckwild!

Buck: Mammals we have our selves a crime scene. Tuft of fur. Half -eaten carcass. And hunk of... Ugh... broccoli! (gags)
Buck: Here's what I think happened. Dinosaur attacks Sid, Sid fights back with broccoli leaving Dinosaur...a vegetable.
Diego: Are you nuts? Sid's not violent. Or coordinated.
Manny: Yeah, and where is the dinosaur?
Buck: All right, good point. Theory two: Sid is eating broccoli, dinosaur eats Sid, dinosaur steps on broccoli leaving broccoli... a vegetable!
I love this movie! AND SO WILL YOU!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Love Guru funny quotes and some words

This is one of my favorite movies of all time and it is soooooo hilarious that I just had to share some of the quotes from it with you! Lol. Here. They are:
Guru Pitka: If your Uncle Jack helped you off an elephant, would you help your uncle jack off an elephant?

Jacques Grande: Don't look at me with that tone of voice or I will punch you in the shirt!

Guru Pitka: Give me a pound. Lock it down. Break the pickle. Tickle, tickle.

Guru Pitka: Let's look at the word, guru. Ok. My goal is to get you to say "Gee You Are You", tm.

Angry Fan: Boo! You suck Bullard!
Jane Bullard: No you suck! You can say bad things about me but I won't say bad things about myself! So guess what? You can all just kiss my... Canadian a$&!
[crowd cheers]
Jane Bullard: Cherkov, Pitka's coming you have to...
Coach Punch Cherkov: Are you as turned on as I am right now?
Jane Bullard: You're a bad bad person.
Coach Punch Cherkov: I'll take that as a yes!
Jane Bullard: Pitka's coming just stall! Ew!

Darren Roanoke: [about his suit] What's wrong with shark skin?
Guru Pitka: More like gay-skin, how about. What? Yeah.

Guru Tugginmypudha: Good distraction frees us from emotional pain. Bad distraction gives you a mouth full of whizz.

Guru Pitka: [picks up Coach Cherkov] I'd like to thank the Academy. Wow, these things are heavy. Yeah.
Coach Punch Cherkov: Put me down, a-hole!

Guru Pitka: I speak of Intimacy, or Into-Me-I-See

Guru Pitka: Tonawanda street? I know this street.
Darren Roanoke: You do?
Guru Pitka: Yes. At what number did you live?
Darren Roanoke: Fifty-three.
Guru Pitka: Did you know a Dickie Withers at 85?
Darren Roanoke: No?
Guru Pitka: Well, it does. A dickie does wither at 85. I own you! Yeah! You are laughing! You
see, you are filled with joy of a child!

Jane Bullard: Guru Pitka.
Guru Pitka: Jane Bullard, you are the owner of the Toronto Maple Leaves.
Coach Punch Cherkov: It's leafs.
Guru Pitka: Who said that? Oh! I didn't see you there. That little guy scared me we might have to do a pantie check I might have some monkey mustard back there. (checks behind) No I'm good haha!
Coach Punch Cherkov: Who is this p$&@!?
Guru Pitka: How do you do? Shrimp?
Coach Punch Cherkov: What did you call me j$&@$&@$?
Guru Pitka: I didn't catch you gnome. NAME! You are a midget.
Coach Punch Cherkov: I find that term condescending.
Guru Pitka: Condescending? THAT'S A BIG WORD FOR YOU.
Coach Punch Cherkov:The man's an a$$!
Lol I love this movie. SO WILL YOU!