Sunday, May 2, 2010

Show me how segment on THIS BLOG!

I have a book and it's called SHOW ME HOW. It shows you how to do 500 things. On the cover it says: "500 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW
INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFE FROM THE EVERYDAY TO THE EXOTIC". I love this book because it has so many random cool things in it and here I will tell you the ones that I think you deserve to know. Like this one:

This is from the section of the book called "make"

#9: sew a spooky voosoo doll

  • Pick an enemy

  • Collect personal items from that person e.g. hair, nails etc...

  • Cut out a doll pattern

  • Trace onto fabric x2

  • Cut out a front and back x2

  • Partially sew the pieces together

  • Stuff with incriminating items

  • Adorn with your enemy's hair

And that's how to make a spooky voodooo doll. Here is the next onegoing along with the voodoo doll theme

#10: use my voodoo doll

* To inflict pain (or pleasure) on your chosen wictim (or the object of your affections), decorate the doll with symbols that correspond to your desires. Then choose a pin and prick the doll in the appropriate symbol. It helps to chant as you cast your spell--just remember to use your powers wisely. Hex away!

That was just a side note and I will provide the symbols and colors of the pins.


Success= yellow

Wealth= green

Spirituality= purple

Pleasure= white

Power= red

Love= blue

Pain= black


Goal= target

Travel= plane

Love= heart

Fertiliy= apple

Protection= umbrella

Money= small circles in random places, nearly close together

Danger= lightning bolt

Enlightenment= star

Enemy nearby= snake

Here is another thing going along with all of this talk of voodoo.

#11: ward off evil with a gris-gris

*Someone working some voodoo on you? Fill this satchel with, no more than 13 objects-- like stones, herbs, or dirt from a graveyard --and use it to keep malevolent forces at bay. If you're female, wear it on your left; if you're male pin it on your right.

Also a sidenote.

  • Cut out a square of red felt.

  • Fill with an odd number of items e.g. herbs, salt, stones or rocks, gems, dirt, or gravel etc...

  • Gather and tie closed.

  • Pin to the inside of your shirt.

Now you can ward off evil with a gris-gris! How super cool! Just remember all of the things I've taught you!

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