Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey people


Hey people lately I've been watching tv and I've been seeing some commercials for coffee. Especially Coffee Mate. You know, the commercial where it says things like add your groove or add your style. So I thought "Hey maybe I could blog about how to add your flavor to the world" so here I am to give you ideas to make the world better. Like planting a tree. Plant a TREE! But when you plant that tree graft a fruit branch onto it to make it special. SO instead of telling your frineds 'Oh I planted a tree' you could say 'Oh I planted a ________ tree' Now which sounds cooler? I think a grafted tree sounds cooler. But here are the steps to making a grafted tree!

  1. Select and cut a bud.

  2. Place it in a plastic bag.

  3. Store in fridge for 3 months (Sorry it takes so long).

  4. Trim the bud. The triming should be about 1 inch long.

  5. Take a sapling and make an incision about 3 to 4 inches long.

  6. Cut an upside-down T shape with another incision underneath the old incision.

  7. Peel back the flaps on both sides.

  8. Nestle the bud in the bark leavinf some still sticking out.

  9. Then tape it so it stays in place and the flaps don't move.

  10. Then remove the tape after 2 weeks (again sorry about the long wait)!

And there you have your own new grafted whatever kind of tree you want! I think that's pretty cool but only if you have the time. Lol. Well that;s what I have to say and Earth day just passed so think about reusing, recycling and reducing. People are now really concerned about that and now they are making a stand and I think it's pretty cool. So join 'em unless you hate the earth. Do what you want because that's what I do.

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