Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adding some fluffy little clouds

Have you ever wanted to taste a cloud? Well now you can! There's a new product out there called marshmallows! They taste like sugary little fluffy clouds! Have you ever wanted a small peice of heaven floating in your mouth? Well now you can with marshmallows, nice, soft marshmallows... They instantly deflate slowly in your mouth as you clcose it. You can even see it if you crush them between your fingers. Plus there's this cool new toy where you can actually shoot marshmallows from it! Isn't that cool? Well some great ways to eat marshmallows are:
  1. Eating them plain! They taste awesome just the way they are!
  2. Roasting them! Roast them over a gas range or an open fire pit!
  3. Put them in your hot chocolate! BUT beware, do not roast them and then put them into the hot chocolate! I'm just helping you people out!

Until next time Marshmallows shall rise!

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