Thursday, August 5, 2010

Special needs people

I've noticed, on the street, that when people see a person with special needs they give them looks like "They are so wrong, or those kinds of people are mistakes" and I hate that. Absolutely HATE that! They are normal people just like us or you but they have special needs. Like someone in a wheelchair they can't walk but they are normal. People with Down Syndrome just have more child-like faces and have the mentality of a younger person but that doesn't mean that they aren't people just like us. If you read my last post you know how I feel about them. I just want people to think twice about giving them dirty looks because even though they might not notice it you do and others do. So please give some consideration to them. They don't deserve the looks people give them so just be nice and don't do it. It makes you a better person. So please I'm pleading be nice to them. And if you want to be really nice I would suggest going and volunteering in a home for special needs people. You help them get through their day. You help them eat and clean and just simple everyday things like that! Thanks and again just be considerate to them.

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