Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My review of Kung Fu Panda

This funny, fun and action-filled starts out with our fellow Poe fantasizing about a legendary warrior who we can guess was him (well as least who he wants to be). He works in a noddle shop with his "father" who is a goose. A little weird! We come to realize that this father of his doesn't see how Poe is and how he wants to be. He doesn't want to run a noodle shop, he wants to become a warrior. But as the time arises to choose the dragon warrior he is locked out because of his father wanting him to drag a cart up thousands of stairs. while Poe is trying to gain access to the festival all of the fun is going and he is missing it all until he finally comes up with the great idea of a chair with firecrackers on it to get in. But he is so heavy that they don't egnite and he falls over but then he shoots up into the sky and lands in the middle of the ceremony as they pick the dragon warrior. He awakes to see the Great Master Uugway has chosen him to be the dragon warrior. Everyone is very surprize at this and confused. But Master Shi Fu the wise teacher believes that he will never be able to be the dragon warrior. Then we see our messenger in the biggest prison with thousands of guards and one prisoner. But that prisoner is Tai Lung who is the most feared warrior in the world. Some how he manages to get free. At first the Furious Five do not like him especially Tigress. But along the journey they grow on him but Tigress still does not. But after the legendary battle Tigress bows to him in respect and we learn that the warrior in his fantasy was him self in the future. Weird twist huh? But in all I'd give the movie 4 1/2 stars! Good movie!

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